Wednesday, 22 August 2012 05:48

My First Blog

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Greetings, salutations, welcome, Howdy, hi-ya, people of the earth! My name is Heather-Dawn, two first names. Most of you may have heard, known, currently associate with, or may even be someone with what they so fancifully refer to as a multifaceted personality, having many facets, much like a gem. Now, I am not trying to outdo the swell adjective, but perhaps triple-faceted, perhaps even quadruple (yes four times as faceted!) would more appropriately introduce you to my colorfully capricious, any way the wind blows character. If given the sweet power to choose from a bag of dum-dum lollipops you'd most likely select the mystery flavored one, then you might derive enjoyment from my column here on OnStL, you might find my thoughts and experiences all piled up higgledy-piggledy being filtered and organized for your viewing pleasure a nice way to spend ten precious minutes of your day.

I have rather eclectic interests, many of which totally contradict one another. In my experience the benefit of having lots of different interests is that you train your brain to learn many new patterns. The patterns you learn in one activity can then be applied to totally different interest to solve and do things creatively, but most importantly living a changeable, inspiring, lively, fresh, invigorating, impromptu lifestyle is FUN and great for such narratives and tales that I wish to tell here.

With all of that being said, the topics or subjects of conversation or discussion in my little "facet" of this site are likely to change, frequently. One week I may shine light onto my passions as a certified yoga instructor or humble regards as a bona fide practitioner, while my following submission may babble about my passion for fashion, equip with photos of my handmade fabrications, or sharing my innate skills in the acquisition of thrift store goods, belly dancing, earth advocating, farm life, the halls of knowledge(aka college) as I fill my watering can with an enthusiastic wish to sprinkle it upon cute little sprouts in a crayola scented classroom, or maybe even my alter ego party girl may sneak on the scene for a short duration.

I am just a twenty four carrot, true blue life enthusiast!

So, I read a story recently that really struck a chord in me and will now assist me in concluding this "hi world" introduction.

A student asked his teacher that commonly asked question, "what is the meaning of life?" I have the answer right here in my bag." He took out a small mirror, captured a ray of light with it, and directed the light to the young man's face.

"Can you all see how I am catching the light and directing it to his face?"he asked."Yes." "The meaning of life,"the Master explained, "is to gather Light and to take it where it's needed the most. Your purpose is to capture some Light and take it to some dark place in the world."

I suppose that is what I am trying to do in my own little way, just tidying up the mirror, the mirror being me and my body, thoughts, words and actions "and "spreading the Light", making a smiling joyful impression wherever I go, and you will soon discover, I AM, a girl on the go!