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 There are so many ways to greet you, I'm feeling indecisive and I hope you'll accept a motley crowd of hello expressions. 

 Bonjour, buenos dias, good day, good morning,  greetings, hi-ya, how are you, howdy-do, shalom, welcome, what's happening...

 HEY, do you know this song from grade school? It's a call and response song about the ways people say "hello" in different languages. Children listen to each word or phrase then sing it back like an echo. The town of Warrenton(my hometown camping ground) isn't much of a cosmopolitan community, but we rolled out the red carpet here with this multi-lingual hello song when I was a sprout.  

                                         Hola, hola, (OH-lah) says hello in Spanish
                                        Hejsan, hejsan, (HEY-sun) that's the word in Swedish
                                             Jambo, jambo, (JAHM-boh) says it in Swahili
                                  'Round and 'round the world we go with ways to say hello

Bonjour, bonjour, (bohn-zhoor) says hello in French
Privet, privet, (preev-YET) that's the word in Russian
Ni hao, ni hao, (nee how) says it in Chinese
'Round and 'round the world we go with ways to say hello

There are oh, so, many friendly ways
Every language has a word or phrase

There are several more lines in this didactic little ditty,  if you are really grooving on the music you can personally contact me for the remaining lyrics. *Smile


The only greeting I personally feel worthy of at this point is Look what the cat dragged in.” 

BECAUSE I haven't written in ages y'all! Three holidays and a self proclaimed degree in traumatic stress management later I'm back..and I've missed you. The wintery hand of cards I've been dealt this previous round weren't pretty but they'll surely transcend into the highest cards of a suit.(fingers crossed) Up until this point my life's been a cakewalk mostly , a cinch, a breeze, a dance, a cherry pie, a velvet waltz, a few ingredients shy of duck soup. It's really not in my nature to let some rancid soup spoil my unwavering sense of happiness and life enthusiasm. Emotional resilience is an inborn quality my dear friends, a shining characteristic I seem to easily and luckily possess, and it's now further developed. For me it's all about the positive self talk and emotional awareness, what am I feeling, why am I feeling it, internal/external influences etc.

 One thing that can cause pain to many people is the belief that life should always be stable or that their expectations should always be met.

 I've recently realized this is an unachievable fantasy of mine. I have exceptionally COLORFUL  powers of imagination. My bubble didn't burst it just wandered into the land of self pity for a moment. It has returned to it's self empowered motherlands, the hills are lit with a sunny disposition. 


 Change is a normal part of everyone’s life and it's normal that at any point of your life you face new and unexpected situations. I EMBRACE CHANGE, that's my mantra!  


 Okay, I've aimlessly ranted about expressions of hello, expression of thanksgiving in adversities.


 Speaking of thanksgiving 


  The holidays are a time to indulge- within some reasonable parameters, of course! Moderation is the magic word. Who wants to diet through wondrous spreads of delicacies? I eat very mindfully myself, but am totally guilty of throwing caution to the wind! Wholesome junk foods and other gluttonies have shaped my food pyramid as of late.  

 After months of yielding to the wishes and whims of our cravings I thought I'd share some user friendly yoga poses assisting in digestion. (Reminder: of the many literal and metaphorical hats I wear, my selfless service hat is an independent yoga instructor. It gives me feelings of exultant JOY!)     



 The last thing you feel like doing when you've overindulged or are experience tummy trouble is to twist yourself into a pretzel, but gently hitting the yoga mat may actually be the best thing for your digestion. Not only can certain yoga poses help to align the gastrointestinal tract and make it run more smoothly, but many stomach woes have mental and emotional causes- stress, anxiety.   


   So here they are darlings, for your digestive pleasure.  

Oh and have I mentioned what a downward dogging, wardrobe surplussing contradiction I am. Even though I'm sure it goes against several of the ethical precepts set forth eons ago, I gravitate towards movable, breathable fashionable jumpsuits/unitards/body suits and the like to keep it stylish on the yoga mat. Shame on me.HD6


  Box 1- seated Twist
Spinal twists help to relieve stress from the entire torso, which will keep your digestive organs running without a hitch. They also help to massage the abdominal area, which prevents your gastrointestinal tract from being sluggish. For that reason, this pose is ideal therapy for constipation, gas, and bloating

  Box 2- Standing Forward Bend
Standing forward bend stimulates the liver and kidneys to help eliminate toxins that impede digestion. It also helps to calm the mind and relieve the stress that often contributes to stomach woes. Inhale.....exhale.....

   Box 3- Inversions-like shoulder stand, headstand, and legs-up-the-wall pose are the best yoga poses for digestion. It seems counterintuitive to turn your body upside down in order to move food downward through your gastrointestinal tract, but inversions stimulate the abdominal muscles and glands you need to keep your digestive system working effectively. The wall is your handy friend, buddy up to it for balanced support.HD7


 Box 1- The bow pose massages the digestive organs, improving digestion. Ahh “indulgent” treatment 

 Box 2-  Find Solace With Downward Dog

Downward Facing Dog is good for your mental well-being. Like most yoga moves, Downward Dog calms your mind, helping reduce stress and mild depression. Many women also claim that Downward Dog relieves symptoms of menstrual discomfort. The whole body move of Downward Dog improves digestion and can relieve headaches, insomnia and fatigue.

Box 3&4 Hero pose/variations-
This pose activates the nervous system responsible for relaxation and digestion. Blood flow is directed from the limbs to the organs to allow digestion to take place. Onward and downward! 


   Go ahead, try them on. 


 Breeches, breathing and blessings,