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Masculinity, Femininity, Thrift Stores and Mondays

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Masculine femininity or feminine masculinity, I like these odd juxtapositions, hard and soft, lace and (P)leather, fellows underpants obscured beneath a frilly dress, gathering firewood in lipstick, rings on my fingers with dirt under my nails. A masterful mishmash of tough and dainty so smoothly and inseparably represented together. I like imperfect pairings totally differing in nature from what is usual or expected. Fantastically bizarre. Yeah, I like me an ensemble plagued with perplexities. ( Kind of like a yellow beauty and the beast Bell gown and a 19th century sword.)

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Okay, so not only is this Internet diary update overdue, as well is a favorable thrift-shop mention. I figured since these secondhand stores already involve such a bombardment of beautiful hideousness engulfing the racks, I'll just introduce you to my favorite neighborhood thrift emporiums in small doses, much like adding sugar to champagne in small doses during production. Um, I don't know where that sparkling wine reference came from, but consider it the initial burst of effervescence in our aged clothing retail recommendations. (Gasp, that was a mouthful)

First I would like to highlight the mecca of pre-owned retail. A roll on a drum please....VALUE VILLAGE!

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Good Deeds. Great Deals. These stores are habitually free of dirt and somewhat organized, so you can see the goods without too much scrounging. In all honesty, I find that to be a part of the experience- to scrounge around, to search and forage for something in a haphazard disorganized fashion.

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Let's change the subject talk for a moment about how I feel sorry for Mondays, just as much as I feel sorry for the color brown; no one ever answers brown when asked what their favorite color is. Brown is beautiful; it's the color of the earth, very comforting and nurturing, fertile and stable. It gives the feeling of relaxation and home coming. Oh, yeah, back to the negative connotations of a Monday. Don't worry I used to dread them too! I have since then welcomed a mantra into my mornings, I tweaked it slightly, but it's taken from Mary Jean Iron. It goes a little something like this. “Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.” HEY, I've got something that just may greaten your appreciation for the second day of the week, following Sunday. MARKDOWN MONDAYS AT VALUE VILLAGE, every Monday 50-75% off and the last Wednesday of every month you”ll find clothing and domestics HALF OFF! This covers such things as shoes, accessories, housewares, used furniture, showcase items and toys, and on these days they stay open till 10p.m. for your shopping satisfaction! If that didn't hit the spot, this village of value aims to please, they newly offer a special interest publication Signing up for this newsletter entitles you to exclusive coupons and store information. They have two locations depending on what neck of the woods you're in and I will post the addresses below.

Option 1 -101 Kenrick Plaza St. Louis, MO 63119

Option 2- 7400 Natural Bridge Rd # 75 St Louis MO 63121

The last blog I wrote I offered a tip off on intimate things, the importance of fresh unused underpants. One of the very few items that warrant a firsthand purchase due to their skintimate nature. This time my delicate bit of advice involves a discipline I began practicing called Aparigraha, this involves an abstention from greed and avoidance of an unnecessary acquisition of objects not essential to maintaining life or spiritual study. I started applying this after rolling my cart around purchasing things I had zero need for, merely buying them because they were at a bargain, these low cost items would just inconsiderately hop into my cart. Don't do this, your house will quickly become a treasure-trove of frivolous items.

I'd like to bring down the curtain on this blog by saying, thrifting is not only a great way to save money, but it provides you with an an opportunity to attain rare pieces that set your wardrobe apart from the next person.

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Blouses and Blessing,