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An Ostensible OUTfit to Portray an INward Feeling

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How people dress is related in some way to how they feel. We feel first and dress later.

In my previous blog I touched on the beautiful subject of polychromatics! Specifically, depending on the color we choose (be it clothes or our surroundings), we will be affected accordingly. Colour is the magic that brings interest to our world. We are instinctively drawn to certain colours and respond to them with feeling. When used in garments and laid against our skin they produce different effects, and they are selected based on that feeling we are currently feeling.

I, for one, am very demonstrative about feelings.


Heather Dawn

The human capacity for emotion is nothing short of MIRACULOUS! Even our cellular phones/computers/gadgets are animated with a jillion emoji images for feeling emotions and assisting conveyance.     

Inspiration has moved me in numerous directions and into various retail stores that sell secondhand goods (which I'll elaborate on later). My original source of fashionable inspiration was my Auntie Carols closet, back when I was just knee high to a grasshopper. Well, let’s back up. First you should know I began dressing myself at age 3 with what my mother says was "a skillful display of coordination." Now, fast-forwarding to Aunt Carols, while the rest of my blood relatives lethargically lounged on the sofa slowly converting T-day turkey into an absorbable form, I absorbed all of the attention. These engrossments were oversized and usually consisted of shoulder pads. I would search vigorously through her closet and heavily adorn my featherweight form. The narrow living room passageway would then become my runway! The family would "ooh and ahh" and "Heather Feather, you look stunning." My charming little Libra self totally relished in this attention, this fabricated admiration tickled me pink! (This was currently my favorite color.) Things haven't changed much, only the living room runway has elongated and I have my very own Carol closet, still equipped with shoulder pads.

Speaking of tickled pink, here is a telltale blush, although these types of blush worthy things are usually heedlessly or maliciously revealed by another, this has ironic qualities that give me great pleasure.

Oh my Goddess, if you could get a glimpse at my current get-up, while (here’s the irony) writing a fashion related blog. Hiking boots covered in compact masses of hard working mud, a funky buttoned collared shirt matched with a dull pair of Hanes men's underpants and cloaked in a fleece snowman blanket, all beneath the magnificent myriad stars twinkling above my head.

Okay while I am having a little shameless confessional release, I've got this weird thing regarding the aforementioned underpants. So, I love my dear old hardworking country bred Dad, we get along famously, much like oil and water. Okay, well there are a few incongruities due to his bless his heart narrow minded nature and my peculiar eccentricities. All bigotry and queerness aside, I've always yearned to be a little closer to him. I found a fantastical and yes unusual way of strengthening our bond. While visiting him a few years back I discovered I packed an ill prepared bag, my underwear was absent that day. Dad’s laundry was folded neatly on the ottoman, so I helped myself to a pair of Hanes. (What, they were clean!) The moment I slapped the elastic on my waistline I felt an instantaneous bond. As silly as it may sound the wearing of my Dads skivvies made the depths of our relationship greater. I've since then invested in many identical pairs, some varying in color, but conveying the same feeling. Now I can sit with my pop happily, regardless of all of our differences. (Views, as well as appearance) and know, we've got something in common beneath our britches.  

My darlings,

I had every intention of fulfilling the last paragraph of my last blog and providing you with some broken in, golden nuggets of thrifty wisdom. It seems my attention was diverted, my motives rechanneled, such is life though. I personally choose to just let go of the oars and not muscle through it in order to reach expected outcomes. I would however, while the topic of undergarments is fresh in our minds, give a little thriftless advice. I have to admit, even while seated like a queen on a thrifted throne of a chair, some things are better new, and aside from the cited pair above, I would like to mention something with worthy confidence. Even if a bin full of dollar lingerie and undies are on sale for 99 percent off, it’s one deal you don’t want to partake in. I am a bona fide Budget Fashionista and love a beautiful bargain, but we gotta draw the line somewhere. I usually pay the extra bucks for clean underwear, for the record. 

As always, thanks for following my incessant rants about my fervor for fashion!

Hair bows & bonnets,