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A Fashionista's Divine Influences

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The term fashionista refers to a very fashionable person. To make the depths of this analysis greater, the term fashionable refers to actually observing or conforming to the fashion, to the latest style, the vogue, the prevailing taste. I've been honored with this "fashionista" label countless times. (hooray! An unintended fun pun!)  I have a very distinguished, great reputation for my ostentatious wares, for color clashing, cheaply showy, bright and vulgar articles of dress, but in all likelihood it does NOT correspond to a fashionable reality.

My daily clothing choices are not bound by a paper cover, but I am endlessly inspired by a multitude of divine influences. I have decided that a one worded description of my modge podge style would be "indecision."  My closet is a disorderly mass of collected things, shiny things, timeless vintage things, tasteful things, tasteless things, obscure even esoteric things. 

Oh the wondrous joy of dressing for yourself! We are told so many things about how to dress and what to wear. Dressing for our particular shape, our age, our gender, the occasion... but rarely, amongst all of these "helpful" hints and rules, are we ever actually encouraged to just wear what we truly want to. Especially women, oh my goddess are guidelines, expectations, and judgements ceaseless.  I'm feeling stimulated spiritually, and I say GO FOR IT, be audacious, be fearless, be fierce, muster up your innate intestinal fortitude and step out your front door with confidence, without any concernment to committing crimes against fashion. Be a super fly felon! 

Garments collectively are brilliant! We use them to express ourselves, we even express emotion through clothing choices. We're always consciously or unconsciously manifesting aspects of our personality through physical appearances and nearly all persons whether men, woman, boys and girls alike helplessly express instantaneous impressions of others on the basis of their physical attributes. Physical appearance is one department that people frequently use to formulate impressions of others. They are going to inevitably transpire regardless, so here's my rally cry,why not leave a lasting perhaps even bewildering impression behind.

Through spiritual research, we have found that depending on the color we choose (be it clothes or our surroundings), we will be affected accordingly at a spiritual level. So who knows, your choice of glad rags just might brighten and uplift someone's mood, but most importantly your very own! 

Coming up... shopping on a shoestring, rich in frugal suggestions and thrifty ideas!  Thrifting refers to the act of shopping at a thrift store, flea market, garage sale, or a shop of a charitable organization, usually with the intent of finding interesting items at a cheap price. I am highly skilled, some might even say gifted in this department. I can guarantee a masterful performance every time! Guidance offerings to come.  Now I must bid you adieu. 

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