Monday, 28 April 2014 20:13

The hardest thing in the world

I love animals. Most of them love me too. Almost anywhere I go people's pets will seek me out at some point to spend some quality time. Dogs are my favorite furry friends, but it's often the shyest of cats that wind up curled up on my lap or chest for a brief chat and visit. We had a few dog's growing up, none of which I was especially close to.

Pets belonging to close friends and relatives became my canine and feline nieces and nephews to be spoiled and petted when Uncle Chris was around. I shared pets with a few exes over the years as well, but always seemed to lose custody in the divorce proceedings. That was rough. Tougher still was when these precious creatures came to the end of their face-licking lives here on Earth. I felt sorrow along with their owners at losing my friend. Now it's painfully close to the end for our thirteen year old named Saki.