Wednesday, 23 October 2013 08:30

You have been warned

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You knew this was coming and don't pretend you didn't. You know where you live and should have known this was going to happen sooner or later. Did you hear it? That loud sound of the door slamming on our third spring this year. 2013 has had ultra lovely weather wise all year long for the most part. Methinks that ends now, along with my ability to wander about in shorts and a t-shirt. I may even have to keep my shoes on in the office and wear socks once in a while. My spider senses, and apparently the Farmer's Almanac, point towards a cold winter ahead. And many months until I go outside at 5 am with the dogs and pee in the grass with them. Hell, I'm up anyway.

Unfortunately it is supposed to be quite chilly on Saturday night, the night of many parties and celebrations around town. Safety tip, you may wish to reconsider part of your naughty adult Halloween costumes if you will be outside a lot or you may be sick as a dog by Monday. Yesterday I was asked to be a judge of the CWE Halloween party. I am very, very excited, but have already decided to ditch my originally planned flimsy outfit in favor of some bulk and warmth. And a wizard's hat. It will be way fun, but no way am I going to freeze my ass off on that stage for 3 hours. We are going to celebrate the actual Halloween on the 31st by taking an excited 6 year old (the boyfriend's nephew) out Trick or Treating. The kid adores me and its always fun. And we get to dress up again. I cannot confirm or deny about any naughty adult Halloween plans we may or may not have after that.

Frost warning! This concludes this public service announcement