Saturday, 05 October 2013 12:43

Happy Birthday, Dahlia Danger Dog!

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Today is my dog's birthday. Dahlia Danger Dog is 6 years old. Yes, danger IS her middle name. I completely spoil and baby this needy, nervous, unusual, sweet, and sometimes terrible fifty pound lap dog. She adores me in return above all other things and people. However, she sheds an incredible amount, likes to snap at people's faces with her enormous teeth before licking them, climbs on and jumps all over both of us and all of the furniture, is a total bed hog, and must be next to or on top of me almost all the time. I love that nutty, rambunctious thing. She gives me pleasure, keeps my feet warm when its cold, and stares at me like I am her whole world. Likely the closest I will come to having a daughter of my own, so I'm going with it. 

 Miss Dahlia is legendary amongst our friends and families, and especially at the vet where she becomes so nervous that potent drugs are required. She inevitably pees and poos all over the floor due to her abject horror and terror at being there. The car - forget about it. I am no longer allowed to ride in the car with her by myself as it is too dangerous. This breaks my heart. For whatever reason she becomes completely unglued in the car and runs and climbs all over the car, including me and the gear shift, whimpering and howling. Nothing helps calm her down. Rides home from any destination (vet or groomers) are peaceful and calm, just going to anywhere freaks her out. My partner is not her biggest fan and tolerates her crazy spoiled ass because I love her so much.

Like all pets before her in my family she has many nicknames - Dahlia Danger Dog, Dahlia, Danger, Dilly, Dilly Dally, Miss Dilly, and of course "Hey," "Stop that," "NOOOOOOO!!!!," or "Damn it lay down." She kills a lot of things in the yard, which makes daddy so proud. The death toll is high, well over fifty registered kills over the years and I am sure many more. I enjoyed finding the front half of a mouse in the basement with the spine hanging out of the back. That was awesome. She also bullies the other dog, older Chow (Saki is 12) and has long since claimed alpha status.

Each night my little darling jumps onto the bed as soon as I do to claim her spot by my side. Later, when it gets quiet Saki the Chow comes to plop down on her blanket (a gift from one of my sisters that she claimed as her own) at the foot of the bed, and Adrain turns out the lights all over the house and climbs into bed as well. I am most often squished between her and him somewhere on our king-sized bed, but that is my family. They keep me happy and warm at night, even when they demand every bit of my attention or bark at me.