Monday, 14 April 2014 09:11

Spring has fully sprung in the STL

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Oh, St. Louis. Every time I start to think you are a horrible and evil place filled with unchecked racism and burning piles of nuclear waste, you do something so wonderfully magical that I fall in love with you all over again. This time it was trees. Flowering trees actually, Bradford Pear trees to be exact. If you missed the explosion of white blooms gently waving in the soft kisses of spring breezes, then you are a recluse in dangerous need of getting out more. Please, please just look out the window for pity's sake.

I need not remind you how brutal our recently concluded winter is, nor shall I waste any additional keystrokes complaining about how cold it was or how many times I fell down. With the exception of the previous sentence, and it was three times. My left hip is still sore sometimes. Curse you black ice and poor footwear choices! But I digress once again for this is not the topic at hand. The topic is how gorgeous the Lou was this weekend. 

The weather was warm, the wind was soft, the air was sweet, and you could hear small motors everywhere with people working in their yards. Several trips to Home Depot for me resulted in carloads of mulch and garden soil, most of which has already been assigned it's new role of active duty in my yard. Every drive on every street and everywhere I looked was the same - stunning canopies of white and green swaying gently in the wind over streets and yards as far as I could see. For full disclosure the featured photo above was liberated from the FB pages of Mr. Angelo Olegna and offers a view of Cherokee Street on Saturday.

Certain neighborhoods have Bradford Pears lined up on major streets since they grow fast and are easily pruned. They are a bit fragile and prone to wind damage, but wow when they burst open like this vitually at the same time all over town it is a stunning sight to behold. The Magnolias and Redbuds are currently "in the pink" so to speak, but don't make the same bold statement as the white wizards.

Funny how life turns out. As a teenager I was a bit spoiled and lazy and zero interest in anyting related to gardening or grass cutting. I even developed some vague grass allergy that got me out of cutting the postage stamp size lawn of our family home for years. There were a few recent summers where I was not supposed to get too dirty or be outside for very long due to chemo and risk of infection. I spent most of this past weekend however dirty and sweaty and loving it. I even was so bold as to work for a few hours without my shirt on soaking up the Vitamin D. 

Remember that $600 stimulus forced into our hands by President George W. Bush? I don't recall exactly what I used mine for, probably paying off some bills. When my beloved partner handed over half of his bounty, I bought some trees. Four trees to be exact, and all of them flowering trees (two pink and two white). They are a Bradford Pear, a Weeping Cherry, a Redbud, and a Crabapple. My back yard is fairly small. The grass as it is has sustained some pet damage over the years but still somewhat lush. The yard boasts well over a dozen small plots of flowers and soon the long-awaited return of the herb garden. 

But wait, our fickle weather has a wicked sense of humor after all. Tonight it may snow with frost warnings overnight. The trees will be fine, even if they lose most of those brief Spring flowers. I'm more worried about my new rose bush. I will be scurrying later to cover it up with a bag or box to keep it's fresh young buds from perishing. Well-played St. Louis, well-played.