Wednesday, 06 July 2016 15:45

5 Places to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday (Plus Free Stuff!)

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1. Humphrey's Tavern

Being a student at SLU, it's pretty much given that I have to include Humphrey's on this list.  They will give you a miniature plunger full of some unidentified drink (probably a couple of shorts worth of vodka and some sort of fruit juice).

 The plunger has become a staple among the Billiken community, and nearly every student at the school makes a stop at Hump's to grab a plunger on their 21st birthday.  You can get the plunger for up to a week after your birthday, so I would recommend going on a Wednesday for "penny pitchers" where you can get pitchers of beer for a dollar between 11 PM and midnight.


2. Subzero Vodka Bar

Stop here on your birthday to get a free bottle of vodka!  You should probably buy a little something to eat while you're there so you don't look like a huge freeloader, but that's your perogative.  Subzero has a cool atmosphere with a very modern feel.


3. Fast Eddie's in Alton

Although you'll have to make a little trek out to Alton, IL, it will be worth it for the time you'll have at Fast Eddie's.  They give you a free T-shirt on your birthday while you enjoy live music, a wide variety of drinks, and some of the least expensive bar food in the St. Louis area!  The prices of all the food items have stayed the same since 1981!


4. John D. McGurk's in Soulard

McGurk's is always a great time.  They've got live Irish music in addition to their large selection of Irish cuisine and drinks.   They have a huge outdoor area with three different bars.  McGurk's is one of the most popular bars in St. Louis, so it's a great destination for your birthday. Plus, who doesn't love a nice fiddle solo every once in a while?


5. Howl at the Moon

This piano bar at Ballpark Village is a great place to go on your birthday.  The drinks can be a bit pricey, which is to be expected at BPV, but it's your birthday so everyone else will be buying them for you anyway!  There's always a great crowd here, and the live pianists put on great shows.