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YSCP July Networking Event  
Urban Chestnut in the Grove
Tonight - 5:30 to ?
No RSVP Required - Free Event - Cash Bar - Details HERE   
Welcome to a crazy Thursday afternoon.  I hope you have electricity and can actually read this.  That storm was quick, but left it's mark.
This made me smile when I read it this morning: "The Rams were a laughingstock for much of their tenure in St. Louis. And on Wednesday they were a punch line on national television in their new hometown, as they were skewered at the ESPY festivities — the ESPN-produced sports awards program in Los Angeles that aired on sister network ABC. “The Rams are here!” host John Cena, a professional wrestler, exclaimed. “In LA I mean, not at the ESPYs. The ESPYs are for winners!”.  Yes I'm still bitter.
Enjoy the rest of your week.  Yell if I can help with anything.  
Transportation Club of St. Louis Horse Hooky Networking Event
Fairmount Park - Collinsville, IL
Tuesday, July 12th - 11:30 to ?
No RSVP Required - Free Event - Details HERE   
Happy Friday friends.  Two easy ways I can tell it's summer: 1) the crazy amount of "out of office" replies I get once I hit send. 2) the decreased amount of resumes and job openings that seem to come in.  So this Bulletin will be a quick one. 
Check out the July edition of Al's Corner... HERE
Couple of Networking events to focus on next week.  Tuesday, we are playing Horse Hooky at Fairmount Park.  Thursday, YSCP is having their Networking Event at Urban Chestnut in the Grove.  Everyone is invited to attend. My fine company is sponsoring so please try to stop by to support and say hi.  Details HERE. No need to rsvp to either one.  Hope to see you at one or both.
Have a great weekend.  
Transportation Club of St. Louis Horse Hooky
Fairmount Park - Collinsville, IL
Tuesday, July 12th
No RSVP Required - Free Event - Details HERE 
Hi.  Another Friday is upon us.  These weeks just seem to be clipping by.
The Events calendar for the Transportation Club is filling up.  With what you ask?  How about this: 7/12 - Horse Hooky. 8/10 - Cardinal Night.9/22 - Mouse Races. 10/13 - Fall Golf at Quail Creek. 10/19-21  - LTNA Vegas Conference. 12/9 - Ladies Day Holiday Luncheon. 3/10 - Hockey Night.  We only have a few month's open.  Please remember that membership to TC & YSCP is always free.  All industries are welcome.  If you receive this Bulletin you are already a member.  Let me know if you're interested in getting more involved and joining our Board. 
Have you seen the LTNA Vegas Conference Speaker Lineup? Wow!  Only $225 for all those bright minds?  Click HERE.     
Enjoy your Friday and the weekend. Peace out girl scout...
YSCP June Networking Event 
Thursday, June 23rd - 5:30 to ?
Free Event - Cash Bar - No RSVP Required 
Details HERE
Welcome to another beautiful Friday afternoon. It's only 91 degrees out..feels almost chilly.
Our friends at Hands that Serve are having a fund raiser at Urban Chestnut on July 28th. For a $25 donation you receive free beer and snacks from 6-8 pm. There will be games, raffles and prizes. Pay $25 online at or $30 at the door. Bring CA$H for games! Location: Urban Chestnut in the Grove. Click HERE for more details.   
Have a great weekend. Yell at me if I can help with anything...especially moving freight! 
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