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Wednesday, 02 April 2014 10:46

An Interview with Dawn Leslie Lenz: Realizing Your Beautiful Soul

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As the saying goes, a woman’s work is never done.

Hardwired never to remain sedentary, a female is content as long as there’s a task to be accomplished and a deadline to meet. She is beset with endless to-do lists and infinite self-expectations, all while juggling everyday tasks and multiple careers.
And when you are a woman who happens to be an artist, a writer, musician, set designer, or makeup consultant, your life might feel as if you’re strapped in a high-powered roller-coaster of energy with no end of track in sight. But no matter which of these categories you fall under, you can agree that having a creative mind means having a thousand conversations running through your head at once, all demanding your full attention.
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Being in the presence of a creative woman can be exciting yet overwhelming. They have a deep desire to evocatively fire up those around them, and you might find yourself in shock with the realization that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, and you can take the world by storm, leaving a lasting, powerful impression for future generations. My discussion with St. Louis’ own editor and novelist Dawn Leslie Lenz demonstrates how a creative mind is always bursting at the seams.Before St. Louis became her new home, Ms. Leslie Lenz received her MFA at the University of New Orleans, a B.A. at Missouri State, and an Associate at Jefferson College, then moved to San Francisco. She had since found herself traveling across the world to places like Dorf Tirol, Italy, and Spain. Her writings have appeared in journals, books, and online, including The RamblerThe Green TricycleMirror, Mirror: Reflections on the Way We Look, and Springfield Magazine. She is a member of the Missouri Writers Guild, the International Thriller Writers Association, and The (Un)Stable Writers Group of St. Louis. She is the author of Zephyr of Ashes and She Flies. In the midst of this, she is also tackling a new Urban Fantasy series. 
As a highly innovative mind, Ms. Leslie Lenz is always hard at work keeping up with new ideas that take her imagination to greater heights, as well as encouraging other women to gain the tools necessary to meet goals they may not have thought were possible. Seeking to empower in every way, Dawn Leslie Lenz is a strong force in the lives of equally strong women. Searching for the perfect publishing company for her series, she has explored flash fiction and attended writing conferences, all while giving one-hundred-percent to her day job. Because of her naturally supportive spirit and a desire to empower, her life has taken yet another inspiring turn.
At the beginning of 2014, Dawn Leslie Lenz decided to reintroduce Mary Kay into her life. Now excited to share this new path where she can continue to motivate and support working women, author and now-consultant Ms. Leslie Lenz opens up about her relocation to St. Louis, her life as a writer while juggling her many passions, and why she has decided to go down yet another career path. 
You moved to St. Louis from San Francisco. As a writer, what do you think is the biggest difference in the creative community and the hardest adjustment you had to make? 
DLL: “I feel very blessed because when I moved to St. Louis from San Francisco. I was able to connect into the creative community here locally pretty quickly. I met Ben Moeller-Gaa, a local poet and playwright who leads (Un)Stable Writers, a writing group, and he invited me to join the group and I was welcomed into the fold with open arms, which I appreciate so deeply. Now, I am part of a close-knit writing community and the members are not only an invaluable sounding board for my work and the work of others, but also very special friends.”  
Not only are you an editor and novelist, you are incorporating a new creative outlet into your artistic life by selling Mary Kay. What is it about making women feel confident and empowered through style and health that gives you a feeling of gratification? 
DLL: “I feel as though in today’s fast-paced world where so much is demanded of women, whether they have stressful corporate jobs or equally stressful home responsibilities or both as is so often the case, women have little time left over at the end of the day to take care of themselves. My job as a beauty consultant is to gift women that precious time—to give themselves a little “me” time. I often hear women say that they don’t have time to have a consultation or facial with me, but after we find a few free minutes and have their pampering session, they find that they’ve relaxed for a while, they maybe even had some precious girl time, and they had so much fun in process! That is what makes my job so incredibly rewarding—watching the smiles bloom on the faces of the women in my classes, watching the stress leave their shoulders and witnessing them enjoy themselves! Owning my own Mary Kay business is rewarding in so many ways, but helping women is the number one reason for doing what I do. It never ceases to put a smile on my face when I see a customer’s confidence boosted by her own success.” 
What are your goals for this year, as a novelist and also as a cosmetic artist?
DLL: “I have very big goals, both as a writer and for my Mary Kay business. What makes me very happy about my life right now is that Mary Kay is helping me achieve my writing goals simply by being the kind of opportunity that it is. I am able to set my hours and work a flexible schedule, so I can schedule in my writing time when it fits best into my day. One of my major goals for this year is to write every single day. Although that has been very difficult to adhere to, I am succeeding most days. Another writing goal is to finish a couple of novels that I’ve been working on and start researching for another that I’ve been planning for a few years now but haven’t had time to do anything with yet. This year, because of my Mary Kay business and the increased time management skills that I am learning, I am able to juggle all the priorities in my life and really create a work/life balance that I haven’t had until now. My main focus in Mary Kay is to move up into management, earn the use of a free career car and become a Sales Director by Seminar this year.”
 TWMiracleSet2Dawn Leslie Lenz is also involved in Project Pink, a weblog celebrating the beauty of every woman, diverse and unique, women from all professions and backgrounds, business owners, professionals, brides and more. To learn more about Project Pink, go to:
 Ms. Leslie Lenz is also excited to share that she will be at the Wholistic Living Expo 2014 for "Rejuvenation & Renewal" on Sunday, April 6th at the Webster Groves Recreation Center (33 E. Glendale, St. Louis, MO 63119) from 9:00am-5:00pm with over 70 other exhibitors and speakers. Details at:  For more information about having a Mary Kay party, or to learn more about Dawn Leslie Lenz and her work, visit her website at:
 Lastly, you can visit her author site at and Follow her on Twitter @dawnleslielenz!

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