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October Autumn Awesomeness

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Hello St. Louis, one of the last events in September was Taste of St. Louis. This was my first time ever going to an event like this and I had a blast. There was so much food, music and art all in one place.

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Taste of St. Louis is truly a great event to remember; however, September of 2013 is over and spooky October has shown its autumn awesomeness already.

One of the best things about this autumn is St. Louis Cardinals baseball. St. Louis Cardinals is the second best team in the world but to St. Louis fans, they're number one. The Cardinals have played in 18 World Series and won 11 of them, making them the second best team in the world. This Awesome October World Series makes the 19th time for the St. Louis Cardinals after dismantling the Dodgers 9-0. I think St. Louis Cardinals will have 12 wins playing in the World Series after they play the Boston Red Sox.

My friend Liz and I got a chance to go to a game.

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Besides witnessing the cards win, we took in the sights of St. Louis from the roof of the Bush Stadium and what an awesome sight that is. Food, beer and baseball in October with the best team in the world at an awesome stadium are great experiences. I wish everyone in St. Louis could experience baseball in October.

There are so many reasons to love autumn in St. Louis. One of my personal favorites is a local garden shop located at 3401 Hampton Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 63139. Bayer’s Garden Shop always put me in the mood of the season. They are an established shop that gives great service to all that visits them. In October, they have out their best pumpkins and all your needs for the autumn season to be a big hit. In December, they have all you’ll need for the holiday season, as well as the spring and fall seasons. They are personal with their shoppers and make sure you leave happy not just satisfied. I never told the owner what their shop meant to me, but I think it’s time I did. If you would like to try this shop, you will not be disappointed. It’s one of St. Louis’s hometown’s shops that everyone should know about. Tell them April Floyd from OnStl sent you. Love your city this October in all its awesomeness.

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October is a great month in St. Louis for so many reasons. Whether, you love St. Louis because of its awesome Cardinals baseball team, Halloween, the great shops or the weather, St. Louis is a great place in October. Just ask these guys why they love St. Louis in October—I think you can guess what they said with this picture below.

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Enjoy yourself in St. Louis this October with its Autumn Awesomeness!

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