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St. Louis First Inaugural Indie Book Fair

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St. Louis First Inaugural Indie Book Fair, located at 3407 S. Jefferson Ave. St. Louis, MO 63118 will be held Saturday May 9, 2015 between 1pm - 7pm.

Mark Pannebecker welcomes all to the 1st Inaugural St. Louis Indie Book Fair. To launch this inaugural event, Mark chose the intimate settings of Nebula. Located in the heart of the Cherokee Street creative district, Nebula opened in 2010 as the first co-working space in St. Louis. He invites you to visit many authors with many published titles. After you visit this spectacular book fair then stroll the bustling street of Cherokee and sample the food, drinks, and the unique merchandise available in the many small, locally owned businesses.

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Mark Pannebecker is one of the many St. Louis writers who decided to self-publish. Mark published his first smaller works, Motorcycle Boy Lives, a collection of poetry, in Feb of 2015. He followed that with a short stories anthology, Godsfood, in April, 2015.

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Mark Pannebecker has a passion for writing. In fact, he has a whole body of work that's been written over the years that he never did anything with. Mark is like the many Indie authors who love writing; however, most authors don’t want to be perturbed about the business aspects of finding an agent, or finding a publisher. I am looking forward to Mark Pennabecker’s first novel, Fraternity of Fractures, which will be published in July, 2015, as well as other prewritten material such as his upcoming novels, Myth of Love and Portrait of a Tourist and his novella, Bother Lies, Sister Truth. Mark Pannebecker will continue to self-publish, or use online publishing, or small press publishers, unless/until traditional publishing approaches him.


Mark's history of being an indie author is the same as most self-published authors. More today are choosing to self-publish or use small press publishing. This form of publishing is not limited in success. Have you ever heard of Amanda Hocking? She self-published 9 books on Amazon Kindle and was a millionaire (Yes, millions!) which landed her a traditional publishing contract. True, there are some real challenges in self-publishing. And yes, there will be mistakes along the way, but conquering advice from persons who have done it will be most helpful.



Mark Pannebecker has advice for any indie authors: “Continue to hone their craft and don’t publish too early. Writing is rewriting. Rewrite, find a workshop, read it out loud, pay for a good editor, listen to constructive criticism; don’t publish tomorrow what you wrote today (unless it’s a blog, of course). The internet market will weed out the poor writers; don’t let yourself get dismissed early in the game. Even if you only have one story in you that you want to tell. The established writers (the old guards) won’t take you seriously so don’t expect them to. They will look down their noses and claim the indie writers need to earn their bones, live in slush piles for years, but it is the established authors that will have to change their business plan and adapt to the new market, and that market is ours! The large publishing houses are fully supporting the eBook. Their revenue from hardcovers sold in bookstores is down and they’re making that revenue up by the new market of eReaders and eBooks. Let’s give them something to discover.”

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Mark Pannebecker isn't stopping at publishing his works! He has taken on the challenge of helping other indie authors, not just with advice, but Mark has started The First Inaugural Indie Book Fair in St. Louis. Mark believes the pool of which to draw from is large enough to warrant a fair of this kind and it will only grow exponentially. The reading audience is hungry for this kind of event as so many brick and mortar bookstores have closed and there is so much to wade through online. Mark and I expect this to become an institution rather quickly. We see it growing to the size of not only representing indie authors and publishers, but the top tier authors and publishing houses as well. Mark's vision for the St. Louis Indie Book Fair will keep its roots firmly planted in giving the indie authors the same shelf space as the established ones. He sees it gaining regional, then national, attention. He also sees a two-day event in the future.

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I, like Mark, expect this event to grow larger every year and St. Louis, as well as indie authors, will prosper for what Mark Pannebecker has started. In his fair, he has included St. Louis authors such as April Floyd, the author of Unique, Robert Holt the author of The Vegetarian Werewolf and many more with over 55 book titles -- ranging from children's to young adults, to adult fiction and nonfiction, to self-help, to inspirational, to short story anthologies, to poetry!

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In Mark Pannebecker's words, “Let’s give them something to discover.” We'll see you at the fair!

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