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The Secret Sisters

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Country Duo- The Secret Sisters


Two siblings Laura and Lydia Rogers are a country duo with eclectic musical backgrounds that filters into their sound. I had a chance to enjoy their concert at the Sheldon on September 11, 2014. These two sing like angels, but to my surprise, they were more than just wonderful singers. They were funny, in fact, at times I could not stop laughing at their humor. Laura continued, throughout the concert, comparing being in The Shelton to feeling like she was at church. Before they sang each song, Laura gave history of that song. She told how each song was written and why it was written. The older sister Laura told stories of heartbreak and pure love for her sister. She told how she felt honored to be able to sing next to her younger sister because she felt her sister’s voice was better than hers was.

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They grew up listening to everything from classic country to bluegrass to gospel to pop and Laura stated how some of this new country is junk to her. I had never heard of their song, Who's Gonna Love You If I Don’t, but it was an instant love for me when I heard it. These two country singers were very entertaining and I loved every minute of their concert. I think that no matter what your musical tastes might be, there is at least one song you like, no matter what.

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A quote from Billboard: 

“Though their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Put Your Needle Down, was originally released in May (and peaked at No. 18 on the Hot Country Albums chart), the Muscle Shoals, Ala., natives are back with an extended version of the disc, available at home-cooking restaurant chain Cracker Barrel. 'We thought they were just going to release the album as is, but they said, 'we would actually like to put some additional tracks on it,’' says Laura. 'That was great because we got to go back to the tracks we had recorded for the second record. It was nice to have an avenue to release those songs that we were so proud of.'

"The Cracker Barrel edition of the album features a pair of new tracks, including 'You’ve Got It Wrong,' which was written by the sisters and inspired by 'a heartbreaking situation that I went through,' explains Laura.’ It was very simple, and we wrote it in a couple of hours. It’s in the vein of a more traditional country sound -- more than the rest of the record. We tried to get out of that box a little with the other songs, but that’s one of the reasons I like that one so much is that it’s in a familiar song territory for us.'

"On the other end of the musical spectrum is 'Next Sunday,' which was inspired by sister Lydia’s budding romance with her now-fiancé. I think it may be the happiest song we’ve ever written because it’s just about missing someone and being ready to see them,' says Laura. 'We were sitting at my house, and my sister had just started dating a guy who she is marrying next month, and she was missing him. She was going to see him the next Sunday, and she was saying, ‘I want it to be next Sunday.’ It was kind of a joke, but it turned out to be a really fun song that is very true to who we are as artists.' The sisters have a love and appreciation of the music of The Everly Brothers. In fact, the duo will be participating in an Oct. 25 tribute show to the Everly at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, with Don Everly scheduled to be in attendance. Laura says that she and Lydia are counting down the days. 'I just found out about that offer. I was curious about who was playing, and the first thing I saw was that Don was supposed to be there. There will be tears shed. It will be emotional,' she says. 'I cry just thinking about it. ‘Lonely Island’ was actually an Everly song, and we’re going to do that at the Hall of Fame -- I hope he approves.'"

If you ever get a chance to see The Secret Sisters, go ready to be entertained. The Sheldon is a great St. Louis concert hall and its 2014-15 season is packed with great concerts. You will find wonderful artists- from Jazz piano superstar Chick Corea to guitarist and folk singer Leo Kottke, from classical vocal ensemble Chanticleer to the gospel sounds of Blind Boys of Alabama and so much more. Go visit the Sheldon Art Galleries also.


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