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St. Louis Citygarden

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St. Louis is known for its many wonderful neighborhoods and different attractions, but Citygarden located in Downtown St. Louis is an attraction that has caught waves of attention from St. Louisa’s and tourists since 2009. Citygarden is an urban park and a sculpture garden in St. Louis, Missouri.

Although owned by St. Louis, it is maintained by the Gateway Foundation. It is located at Tenth and Chestnut Streets. Citygarden was dedicated on June 30, 2009 and it opened one day later, on July 1, 2009. At the dedication of Citygarden, Mayor of St. Louis, Francis G. Slay, praised the project, saying, “This new garden is immediately taking its place among the great cultural attractions of St. Louis for residents and visitors alike. It's dazzling, and its complete openness in the heart of downtown makes it unique in the country.” He then, in front of local and state officials as well as media, told the workers at the park’s control center to turn on the fountains and tear down the construction fence. On the opening day of the park, ice cream trucks were asked to park near the garden to attract tourists, but Citygarden attracted locals, tourists, and any that saw the garden’s beauty. Two square city blocks and $30 million dollars later, St. Louis has a local attraction that no one can pass up without being in awe.

St. Louis Gateway Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports public art. They funded the design and the construction of this wonderful Citygarden. They own all the statues, they also cover all the park's maintenance expenses except water and electricity, and they provide additional security for the garden. I’d like to thank St. Louis and St. Louis Gateway Foundation for providing this wonderful attraction in the heart of our most beautiful city, St. Louis. The best parts about this beautiful, artistic and convenient attraction is that there is no admission fee for visitors, it’s open year around, it is located close to the Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium and it complies with the Americans with Disability Act of 1990. You can’t get any better than that in my opinion.

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So, when someone asks me, "What is the best St. Louis attraction?" although some may think it’s in Midtown at the Fox Theater or Powell house and some may think it’s downtown’s Busch Stadium, for me it’s the Citygarden and for so many reasons. It brings people together in a common location, where they can enjoy art, culture, color, entertainment, ice cream, beautiful landscapes, water and it’s FREE.


I love my city’s attraction at the Citygarden in St. Louis, Missouri.


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Written by April Floyd

 Photography by Eddie Floyd Jr.