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I am a person who was born in St. Louis. I was raised in St. Louis. I went to school in St. Louis. I never lived anywhere but St. Louis, so why is it that there is so much to this place that I don’t know? I found out I am not the only person like this. I think St. Louis has so many great things and so many great neighborhoods that people here tend to stay to what they know and because what they know is so great, they don’t venture out. Now, I am ready to venture out and go on my monthly St Louis treasure hunt. Would you like to go with me? Read about my discoveries of the many St. Louis gems that I find. Look at the wonderful photos taken each month as I explore the St. Louis I never have seen.

This month’s treasure hunt took me to Crown Candy Kitchen on 1401 St. Louis Ave. What attracted me to that spot were these life-size mannequins of all nationalities. I looked into the artistry of the mannequins and it bedazzled me as I peered into their eyes. You have to go and see this for yourself.    


Crown Candy Kitchen





Life-size mannequins of all nationalities.


Next, I saw the sign Crown Candy Kitchen. I love candy, so I went in to see the variety of candy that they sold.



To my surprise, they sold food also! It was a restaurant! This place is a St. Louis Landmark and has been since 1913. I was shocked! I had never heard of or been to this place.




As I entered, I felt like I went back in time, somewhere around 1920’s. The atmosphere was set just to that effect with the old jukebox, the Coca-Cola collectibles or the soda fountain as well as its layout of the candy.



So much candy!



1900's feel 

I found out from its brochure, “Crown Candy Kitchen was opened in 1913 by Harry Karandzieff and his best friend Pete Jugaloff. They brought their confectionery skills from Greece, along with a dream of proving a friendly family environment to enjoy their delicious creations. During the early ‘50’s, Harry's son George took the business over, but it was George’s sons Andy, Tom and Mike that turned the business into what it is today.” 


After looking around, I sat to try their food. They had a variety of sandwiches to choose from and the bowl of chili was wonderful. I felt very welcomed and the service was great. People were eager to talk about the history of the place and boasted how Crown Candy makes their own chocolate. I could see why this place had so much pride.


Of course, I could not leave with trying the candy. The food was great, the service was great and the people who took the time to talk to me about the history of the place were wonderful. They did all this and they were busy! When it comes to great hospitality, Crown Candy receives an A plus.



I loved this month’s St. Louis treasure hunt. Find out where and what I discover in my next St. Louis Treasure Hunt in June. I can hardly wait!


Go visit this St. Louis treasure today!