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When you see an old couple holding hands while walking about, what comes to your mind? Do you think they are happy together or just pretending? Does the question, “How long have they have been together?” come across your mind? Do you silently wish you could grow old with someone or do you say, “That’s why I am single.”? How did they get to that point in their life? Is that what true love looks like? Let us talk!

Today, at the St. Louis Galleria Mall, I saw an old couple. They were walking slowly hand-in-hand. I walked along as I witnessed a man aid the woman in everything. Although the world around them moved very fast, the couple world moved slowly and in that slowness, I witnessed a wonderful love story. In their eyes, I saw their love for each other, right here in St. Louis.

Of course, seeing this made me ask some questions about love in St. Louis. To be with someone until you grow old together must be true love, right? This has to be how it looks, right? How did they weather the storms in their relationship all that time? I asked myself, “Do I want to grow old with my husband.” Yes, I would love to grow old with my husband, but this old couple might be able to give me a few pointers on how to grow old together with true love. Since I was in St. Louis, I wanted to know if it matters where you live with your relationship.

I was nervous at first about approaching the couple. They went to the food court and I saw that as my opportunity to talk with them. I was asked to keep out their names, but the information I got from them was priceless. They believed true love existed. They both had previous marriages. They were friends a long time before pursuing a relationship. They both agreed that it matters where you live and they thought St. Louis is a great place to live if you’re already in a relationship and want to settle down. Finding a lasting relationship with someone from the same place, such as St. Louis, would be a challenge, but possible. Then here came the shocker! The older couple that I thought grew old together was recently married, only three years ago. They both lost their mates and didn’t want to be alone, but insisted they loved each other.

My thoughts are: the biggest challenge in a relationship is communication. It is like the blood in the body--without it, you cannot survive. The thing that makes most relationships work is forgiveness and looking for the good in your mate helps. Wanting to grow old is love, but true love goes beyond this world. Can you say you want to be with your mate beyond this world? If so, that may be what true love look like. I agreed with the couple when they said St. Louis is a great place to settle down.

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