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The Best Theater in St. Louis

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I had a great time out with my husband seeing movies. After waiting all day, we finally got a ticket to see the continuously sold out movie, The Best Man Holiday, at The Chase Park Plaza Theater located at 212 North Kingshighway Boulevard, St. Louis, MO. Upon visiting the Theater, we enter this lavish hotel filled with beautiful live music playing and lively chatter. This of course was a pleasant surprise to our evening.

We stood in line to see this new movie. Although, we got out tickets five hours early and showed up to the theater forty-five minute early, we were told to go to the reserve movie room. It was smaller but okay. I was just so happy to see so many people out to see a movie. The Best Man Holiday was a great movie. I’ll give it a ten and I recommend anyone who likes funny holiday movies to go see this one. It has been selling out since Friday.


We next visited the Moolah Theater located at 3821 Lindell Blvd, St Louis, MO. It was no surprise to find out the Moolah had been voted as the best theater in St. Louis. I was in awe at the entire concept. Plush entrance, walls filled with character, active full bar, a great popcorn and food stand, helpful workers, balcony seating, leather couches and a giant screen. The best part to me was being able to order drinks while watching the movie.

The ceiling was awesome to look up at because you could see it’s filled with history. I later found out The Moolah Cinema and Lounge was originally the Moolah Temple of the Mystic Shrine. According to Wikipedia, “The Moolah’s Shriners fraternal organization was built in 1912 by the St. Louis architectural firm of Helfensteller, Hirsh & Watson.” The Moolah Temple used the building until 1988. I am proud to know Architects from St. Louis built such a beautiful building with longevity. After a $17.2 million dollar renovation in 2004, the Moolah with its Moorish style is a historical building that serves today's purpose as a theater, bar and bowling alley, but it is also filled with history, giving all the more reason to take note of its character.


The Moolah Theater contributes to St. Louis’s Midtown Historic District making midtown an awesome place to visit.

According to the owner, “Our goal at the Moolah Theater is to offer a benchmark motion picture viewing experience. We cater to a clientele that enjoys quality films, finds today's movie megapixels unsatisfactory, and desires a superior cinematic experience. For the first time in St. Louis, we present the finest first-run films in a luxury theater environment complete with the highest quality level of amenities.”


Going to the Moolah was the best theater experience I’ve ever had. Although the movie critics rate 12 Years a Slave a nine, I differ in opinion. I think the relevance of contents in the movie was great, but I felt the humane side of the main character wasn't there enough to feel the depth of wrongness from the act of slavery. It was a true story and it shall be learned from, that's the best part. Also, the impact of the beatings was dead on. Although the lessons in this movie hit home and are true, the characters written into the movie were not expressive enough showing the refined side of each main character. I give this movie an eight and I think all should see it. Maybe if we understand that the things in the past trickles down to our present days, then we can change the outcome of our future. The Moolah had all the comforts of home as I watched 12 years a Slave.

Written by April Floyd and Photos by Eddie Floyd