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Checking in from Timisoara

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I am in Timisoara checking in to see how St. Louis stacks up to this city in Romania. I've been asked a lot of questions about what Timisoara has and how it compares to St. Louis. Here are a couple answers.

The Fountain on Locust's Christine Johnson asked, "St. Louis has the City Museum, what does Timisoara have?"

I give the late Bob Cassily tons of credit where credit is due, but Timisoara is by no means lacking in the children's park department. There is a "parcul pentru copii" a few steps from my hotel. Just near the river's edge, children can ride mini-canoes through a small waterway, play in stick-huts, jump on trampolines, or play a giant game of chess. Adults can borrow a bicycle at the edge of the park from the "I love velo" green initiative program that the city implemented recently and ride around the city. The best part is that I have to walk through this park to get downtown, so it makes my walk that much more pleasant.


The Bega river that borders the park


Canoe ride. Unfortunately I'm too big to fit.


Couples put locks on the fence across the bridge over the Bega to symbolize their love


The fountain here lights up just like at CityGarden in St. Louis


Stick huts for the kids


The riverside


A giant chess game. Think the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis is jealous?


I finally worked up the courage to borrow a bicycle on Wednesday. I do not pride myself on my bike-riding skills, but luckily I managed not to run into anyone or completely fall off (though I came close). I could ride across the whole city in about 10-15 minutes. The best part? The basket worked as a perfect place to keep all the pastries I couldn't help but to buy from the street vendors. 


My sweet ride, photographed in Piata Unirii while I took a break to enjoy a coffee.

OnStL's Grant Murphy asked, "St. Louis has Budweiser, what does Timisoara have?"

Well, Grant, Timisoara has Timisoreana Fabrica de Bere. It's so close to my hotel that I can sometimes smell the malt in the air. The beer is light and easy to drink, and costs about one US dollar for a pint. Bottom's up!


I have lots more questions to answer, so stay tuned. La revedere!