Tuesday, 04 June 2013 13:35

Reporting from Romania, Day Two

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Thanks to everyone who left comments on Facebook with St. Louis staples for me to compare with their Timisoarean couterparts. I still have lots to answer, but there is one I wanted to address right away: Joy Christensen, of OnStL, All Star Radio, and Fountain on Locust fame, asked,

"St. Louis has The Fountain on Locust!!!! What does Timisoara have that is even one iota as yummy?"

Well, Joy, I would never argue that a comparable establishment to the Fountain exists anywhere. What Timisoara does have, though, are pastry shops. And they are everywhere. There's one just a few steps from the door of my hotel (pretty dangerous for me) that sells all sorts of sweet and savory pastries, from super-sweet Turkish inspired dough to meat-filled Hungarian/Romanian pastries to Greek-like baklava. You can't walk far in Timisoara without passing one of these shops, sort of like the ubiquitous kebab places throughout Europe (those who have travelled around Europe will know what I mean). Certainly these pastries aren't anything like The Fountain on Locust's ice cream, but they are doing a bang-up job of satisftying my sweet tooth while I'm here.

The images on the left are the offerings of the pastry shop across from my hotel, and the photo on the right is me enjoying a layered cherry butter pastry.