Team 2.0

Team 2.0

Team 2.0 Is a theatrical dance duo performing all over St.Louis, Missouri.  

Come dance with us!

As self-taught entertainers, we use dance as an artistic method to promote love and happiness. Our style is called New Style, which is a composition of many dance styles into one sequence of moves usually in a free style form, mixed with personality and originality. Dancing this way allows us to always leave the audience on the edge of their seats, being that the style is unpredictable. We strive to leave our audience in shock and we always dance to clean music.

We organize dance events, workshops, and give private lessons. We can bring energy and excitement to any party as entertainment and dance motivators. Great with kids, we enjoy being a positive inspiration to our youth. 

Rian and Tabethia are not just dancers but innovators who care about the community. Promoting positivity and respect. They encourage young minds to be creative and teach them how to turn emotions into motion!

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 00:44

Team 2.0 Dance/fitness classes

Team 2.0 Classes start this week! We partnered with non profit organizations St. Louis School of Self Defense and MRCKA's Dojo Pizza
They are geared to help troubled inner city children. Kids who struggle to know who they are and who they could be. Our goal together is to help the youth battle the insecurities that hinder their abilities to be creative and enjoy and embrace being unique. Dance can truly heal the soul. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 03:23

Team 2.0 Quest to make a difference

Team 2.0 have really stepped up their game. Rian Dugar AKA 2.0, just returned from traveling to Atlanta and Alabama teaching Hybrid style/freestyle dance workshops. While Tabethia Jones AKA Tabbz 2.0, continued to work in STL. They kicked off the new year with a crowd pleasing performance at the St.louis History Museum.Team 2.0 are now working with Non Profit organizations, Dojo Pizza and St.louis School of Self Defense. As well as working on motivational school tours with a goal of really making a difference in the STL community.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013 19:02

Team 2.0 in the Brazillian times

Team 2.o in the Brazillian Times twice! WAY TO GO!!!!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013 13:59

Team 2.0—Back in STL


photo by Michael Estes

Team 2.0 consists of two very talented and highly motivated dancers Rian- Alexander Dugar and Tabethia Jones. Originally from St. Louis, these two bright eyed and eager performers found themselves taking a chance to fulfill their dreams in the Big Apple, New York City. Their passion for the art and love of dance has landed them not only national recognition but international recognition by being published in a Brazilian magazine after they performed at the Empire State building and The World of Dance competition in NYC.

Monday, 01 July 2013 17:47

2.0 in NYC-The Journey is underway

The great, the fantastic, the innovative, Team 2.0 travels all around NYC.

St. Louis natives, Tabbz and Rian set off at a blistering pace through NYC attending events, performing on the street and underground, starring in music videos with up and coming artists, doing anything they can to break out and make themselves known. When last seen in STL, Team 2.0 was featured on FOX 2 news showcasing their talents for the morning news crowd. The duo then set off for their adventures in NYC.

Monday, 01 July 2013 15:56

Team 2.0 Update coming soon!


An update from Team 2.0 coming soon. For now, check out their video from the World of Dance Competition. The only duet to perform. Amazing performance! 

Sunday, 09 June 2013 21:10

Team 2.0 in NYC

Team 2.0 has been paving their own road to success. They started on the streets of STL all the way to the streets of NYC. Feb 2012 they performed at the Empire State building, Yotel Hotel, The Sea lounge and many other popular NYC lounges. Landing them in the Brazilian newspaper and Magazines. They worked with MTV photographer Peshean Zhang, Denny Silva, FlawlessAtSight, many other NYC photographers. Check them out in Alize Lavie international magazine (page294-297) May 2012. Team 2.0 is back in NYC dancing their way up to make a difference. This time for a long time :)

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