Friday, 18 July 2014 16:57

Dance Night at the Dojo

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When they aren't dancing in New York or the World of Dance Competition, Team 2.0 is doing fun and interesting things around St. Louis! In fact, the national duo team has started hosting "Dance night at The Dojo" every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm -11pm.
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Rian and Tabbz are devoted to helping the community by providing a safe place for all to come to dance and learn, as well as promote positivity and respect, and hope that this event will help them further their goals! The Dojo is an old, historical building at the corner of Neosho and Morganford. It is one of the biggest dance studios in St.Louis equipped with laser lights, fun projected wall art, and a wide variety of music.
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All ages are welcome and it's only $3 per person. There's also food! Delicious pizza and wings are available thanks to Dojo Pizza dine-in restaurant, located at 4601 Morganford St.louis, MO. 63116
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