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Amy Wall

Amy Wall is an Omaha, Nebraska native who made St. Louis home a few years ago when she started school at Saint Louis University. She now has a degree in the arts and a four-year stint as part of the booking team for SLU’s on-campus music venue, the Billiken Club, under her belt. Currently she brings home her bacon by helping the OnStL team explore St. Louis and waiting tables at The Fountain on Locust. She believes in the goodness of music, art, and generous tippers.

Monday, 10 June 2013 14:18

Hello again from Timisoara, Romania! I've been here for a little over a week now, so I feel like it's time for me debunk some myths and misnomers that were being thrown around the OnStL office before I left.

Beatle Bob

If you've been anywhere that’s anywhere there's live music in St. Louis, you've seen Beatle Bob near the stage dancing and seemingly enjoying the music more than one should be allowed. In fact, some say the show didn't happen if Beatle Bob wasn't there.  And now Bob (Robert Matonis) is here on OnStL to share his local music knowledge with us.

Wednesday, 05 December 2018 13:43

If there is a more entertaining Christmas show than the John Waters, I have not heard it. Several years ago, John Waters compiled a Christmas record made in heaven for guys like me, sharing his treasures for one brief and shining moment. These aren't necessarily classics - they’re not necessarily even good - but each and every song is a bona fide rarity, and most of them are cracked, bent, and/or goofy.This is a party platter of rare R&B that's a nonstop Christmas party on the other side of the tracks. While the parents are having their cocktail party and listening to the Harry Simeone Chorale, the kids are in the basement dancing the frug and making out to this album. Waters has eclectic tastes; thus the selection. Certainly not for the faint of heart.

John Waters will be coming to the Sheldon Concert Hall on December 14 for a presentation of his one man show, A John Waters Christmas. The past shows of his have dived deep in to the most probing yuletide questions one could have: Is Prancer the only gay reindeer? Has Santa ever been nude? and more profanity laced lunacy with a clear cut message. Waters has not lost one bit of sarcasm or quirkiness that created his own brand of cult phenomenon. And as the holidays approach and you have your own dysfunctional family to deal with and you need a laugh, just remember these words by John Waters: ”I love Christmas so much I could shit."

Tuesday, 18 October 2016 20:46
Transportation Club November Happy Hour
Big Daddy's Soulard
Thursday October 13th
No RSVP Required - Free admission & Food - Cash Bar
Happy Happy Happy Happy Friday.  Incredible time yesterday at the TC Golf Tournament.  We ended up with 78 a big thank you to everyone who came out to play and volunteer.      
Wednesday the LTNA Vegas Conference starts.  We have a strong showing from STL... which makes me very happy.  It's been crazy putting it all together, but it's going to be a very educational event.  I'm guessing we'll mix in a little fun while we're there also :)
Have a nice weekend.  Stay safe.  
Heather-Dawn Mitchell

Heather-Dawn MItchell is a super enthusiastic Yoga practitioner here in St. Louis, and a Certified Yoga teacher.  She says “I have integrated many of the disciplines in my everyday life, it's a HUGE part of me, and I am pretty active in the yoga community, on the other side of the coin I seek and enjoy the companionship of others, I am friendly, outgoing, highly sociable, a big part of a fashionable society, I love social gathers/fabulous parties.” Yes, she talks like that.  Heather-Dawn has many affiliations in the art world and the music world, and will share those worlds with us here on OnStL.

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 16:00

Heather Dawn 1

Figurative art describes artwork, particularly paintings and sculptures, which are clearly derived from real object sources.

"A muse's job is to penetrate the artist's creativity and bring fourth an artwork from the womb of their mind." Muses in greek mythology, poetry and literature are the Goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts. An art model is a model who poses for any visual artist as a part of the creative process. The artist has a connection to drawing another human being that simply cannot exist with any other subject. A bowl of fruit may be very lovely, useful and healhful to humans and animals, but this edible part of vegetative growth is not awake, breathing, dynamic and spirited.

Ron Stevens

Many in St. Louis may remember Ron from the formative years of KSHE 95 in the 70's. Ron went  on to write for television in Los Angeles with his wife, Joy Grdnic. They also hosted several radio shows in Los Angeles and New York before returning to St. Louis in 1996 to raise their children and run their national radio syndication company, All Star Radio Networks. They also own The Fountain on Locust, which Joy created. Through the years, Ron has always considered St. Louis his home.

Thursday, 21 April 2016 12:27

I just checked out the Zoo’s proposed 25 year master plan.  It includes a hotel, a 2,000 foot long gondola and giant pandas.  All very nice, but it falls short of what a zoo should have in the year 2041.  I may be dead by then, but I still care about keeping our St. Louis Zoo on that elite list of world class zoos.  So here is my 25 year plan…

Autumn Rinaldi

Autumn is a 31-year-old St. Louis native! Because she was homeschooled, Autumn has sadly never been able to participate when anyone asks the inevitable question: "Where did you go to high school?" Despite this impairment, she received degrees in Music (Voice) and Art at Lindenwood University, and has been a freelance photojournalist for several years. Autumn likes to blend aspects of art decor and fashion photography with journalism, and she loves to play with every imaginable style of creativity, photographing events such as, The Kevin Kline Awards, The St. Louis RAMS, Alive Magazine, and various boutiques and venues. For the last few years, she's also decided to tackle the writing profession, armed with a lot more wisdom and enjoyment than what her years of formal education left her!

Since 2009, Autumn has written three novels, two novellas and has been concentrating on short stories about ordinary people in situations out of their element. One of her shorts was recently published in the July edition of Bareback Literary Magazine, and she'll soon have a new work in The Rusty Nail Magazine. Although some people might describe this as unhealthily unfocused, she'd much rather be labeled as unhealthily curious.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 12:05


St. Louis has a tremendous influence in sports and culture. And in the summer months, it isn't difficult to have a great time, for little to no money, soaking up fragrant parks as well as blazing hot, dusty festivals in the dog-days of August. Late night treats at Ted Drews and listening to games at backyard BBQs are part of our summer traditions, and we will soon be hanging out on Art Hill and rooting for Marty McFly on the big screen.

Katharina Fresta Modica

My name is Katharina Fresta-Modica and I will be sharing anything and everything Italian in St. Louis with my readers. Ok, you got me, my stage name is Katharina (aka Kathi) and of course when I travel to Italy and other parts of Europe. Yes, I know I am not on stage but I sort of feel that way getting involved with this fun and wacky web-site.

The closest I got to a journalism school was when I worked at my father’s Italian restaurant in Columbia, Missouri which was located on 9th Street across from the “J” school! So, my writing credentials are highlighted by a “B” that I received on a college essay.

A little bit about me and my life. The infamous question in St. Louis is “Where did you go to high school?” I went to Columbia Hickman High School in Columbia, Missouri.

I met my husband Roberto (aka Bob, graduate of Desmet) while I was in college and we now reside in Kirkwood.

I am a great grandchild of Italian immigrants on my father’s side of the family. I never knew my great grandparents but wanted to feel connected to my ancestors, so I moved to St. Louis to attend college and be near my grandmother, Eleanora Fresta Modica and other relatives.

Some of the subjects I will be covering:

1. Italian cuisine of any kind!
2. Anything about the Hill!
3. Why did Italians settle on “The Hill?”
4. Featured Italians and businesses!
5. The word of the week!
6. Anything Italian calendar!
7. Our famous Italian sports heroes!

In closing, I hope you enjoy this adventure with me exploring anything and everything Italian in St. Louis!


Tuesday, 12 March 2013 16:29


The St. Joseph Altar at St Ambrose on the Hill

It will be held in the school cafeteria.

 Sunday, March 17, 2013

 5130 Wilson Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110

 Noon to 5:00 pm, Mass in Italian at 3:00 pm

 Generous food samples from local restaurants.

(Donation Requested)

 There will be specially prepared Italian delicacies for sale.

Music…Surprises…Traditions and Inspiration

The Best Bet: Adam and Ryan

The first time Adam met Ryan, he thought Ryan was a real jerk.  Adam was with a group of friends in the Loop, when Ryan entered the social circle along with a common friend of theirs.  Adam commented on Ryan’s attire, which was very similar to his own.  Ryan, overwhelmed by the number of strangers and distracted by trying to decide on a beer and burger choice, made no real notice of the comment.  After several more chance meetings, Adam and Ryan began to discuss their mutual loves of punk rock, movies, and donuts.  They had their first “man date” at Ryan’s apartment, at the time located in lovely Benton Park.  For two years, their friendship grew by their sharing of laughter and emotions.  During the third year, while Ryan lived in Chicago, the two began discussing a creative endeavor that could help strengthen the city Ryan missed so dearly.  Ryan told Adam, “If we are going to do this web series, we should try to make it an outlet for local businesses and artists and other crazy people who want to do something fun.”  Now, the two men want to share with all of St. Louis, their beloved hometown, the same laughter and emotions that made such a beautiful friendship possible.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 14:32


Tom Stockman

Tom Stockman is a St. Louis native who’s been obsessed with movies as long as he can recall. Tom is Creative Editor at We Are Movie Geeks (, St. Louis’ premiere movie news and review site and also writes about movies for The St. Louis Globe Democrat nostalgia newspaper. Tom is the host and programmer of Super-8 Movie Madness the first Tuesday of every month at The Way Out Club which is, we’re pretty sure, this country’s only monthly festival of movies screened in condensed form in the super-8 sound film format, a long dead medium Tom is desperately trying to bring back to life. Tom hosts the Reel Late Midnight Movie series at the Tivoli where he asks movie trivia and hands out cool movie swag. In 2011 Tom was the Event Director of Vincentennial, the Vincent Price 100th Birthday Celebration, a Cinema St. Louis event featuring film fests, publications, lectures, stage productions, and exhibits all honoring the great horror actor and St. Louis native. For his efforts as the driving force behind Vincentennial, Tom was awarded the coveted Rondo Award for Monster Kid of the Year. But it’s Charles Bronson, not Vincent Price, who is Tom’s all-time favorite movie star and Tom is already in the early planning stages of Bronsontennial for 2021!

Thursday, 14 July 2016 22:50

“You are cordially invited to George and Martha’s for an evening of fun and games”


WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? (1966) screens this Friday through Sunday (July 15th-17th) at Webster University’s Moore Auditorium (470 E. Lockwood, Webster Groves, MO 63119). The film begins each evening at 8:00. 

Chris Clark

As a lifelong St. Louisan, Chris is very proud of his place in the St. Louis arts scene. He graduated from St. Louis University High School in 1979 and with honors from Webster University in 1985. Drawing upon his background in film studies, mass media, and public-event coordination, he has been an intergral part of many important changes to the growth and artistic directions of the St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF) and the growing number of annual film-related events produced by CSL, including the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase and an LGBT film festival called QFest. This is a dream job for Chris and he plans to keep it indefinitely by living forever. So far, so good. In June of 2011 however he was diagnosed with Stage 1E Mantle Cell Lymphoma in his throat and has been fighting the good fight against cancer ever since. While not completely done with chemotherapy treatments until July of 2013, his current good health is attributed to fierce determination, a relatively healthy lifestyle, swimming almost every day, and flinging himself headlong into the local stand up comedy scene, which had been a dream since childhood. Comedy is the best medicine after all. Chris regularly performs his scathing comedy routines several nights a week at a number of venues around the St. Louis area. He and his partner of eight years, Adrain, plus two spoiled and feisty dogs, Saki and Dahlia, live happily in Maplewood, MO. They will be married in October, 2013.

Colyn Gremaud

When not hiding behind bookcases or under stairs, Colyn Gremaud occasionally emerges to microwave pizza rolls, blog about music and write Hunter S. Thompson fanfiction.  You can follow him on twitter (@flipconstantine) if you think the instructions on the back of shampoo bottles are high literature.  He is still mad about the Norman Conquest.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013 16:08

Perhaps Mayor Slay didn’t mean to be ominous when he tweeted “There will be drones” on June 23rd, but that is most certainly the impression such a pronouncement should give to any concerned citizen.

Corle 2 Da

Corle 2 Da - Hip Hop Recording Artist (ASCAP)

Label: Fobic Recordz (Indie)

Corle 2 Da is a hip hop recording artist/rapper with an extensive background in the music industry.  Corle performed live for the first time when he was just 12 years old at a Jr. High School talent show with fellow M.C., Tic Toc.  It was that very first live performance that fueled Corle in his drive to create music and showcase it to the people.  Since that time, Corle has rocked countless stages across the country from North Carolina to California, including: Memphis, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and many other places in between.  

Corle is a proud military veteran having served six years active duty in the United States Army.  It was during his stint in the military that Corle worked on his skills as a rapper.  He wrote countless songs, and perfected his delivery on the mic.  Upon completion of his time in the service, Corle began to work on his education.  He received his bachelors degree from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville.  During the time Corle was enrolled in college, he started his first rap group, Costlofobic.  Costlofobic had 3 members:  Playa D, Tic Toc, and of course, Corle 2 Da.  The group began performing in the local St. Louis underground club scene, all while releasing mixtapes and singles for the fans to enjoy.  Costlofobic performed as a group for 10 years.

As a solo artist, Corle has collaborated with several artists and producers to bring to you tons of music for your listening enjoyment.  Currently, Corle has nine mixtapes available for download and two albums.  Each one showcases Corle's unique style and charisma on the microphone.  Corle is currently in the Los Angeles, California area promoting his music and doing shows, but maintains strong ties to his midwest roots.  Corle was born and raised in the 618, (the metropolitan area east of St. Louis, MO.) and proudly makes this known in his music.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013 22:18


John Neiman

It may seem strange for John Neiman to write about St. Louis. After all, he hasn't lived in the area since 1984. But it has been over ten years since John started a crazed obsession with a radio station. An obsession that led him to cross paths with dozens of current and former employees of KSHE, along with assorted fans, groupies, concert promoters, record reps, rock stars and a few crazed rock fans like himself. All of this effort turned into a massive coffee table  book titled "In Concert: KSHE and 40+ Years of Rock in St. Louis." For many of us, KSHE once was, or still is a part of our lives as much as spending time with an old friend.  

John is married to Kim, has two children and lives in a suburb of Chicago. Here he will give you a glimpse of what it was like to put together this book, along with stories from some of the folks that liken KSHE to home. 

Saturday, 20 July 2019 20:27

On July 3, 1958 McDonnell Aircraft celebrated their 20th Anniversary. Here is a brief movie of what visitors witnessed that day. McDonnell was competing with 19 other firms for the building of a spacecraft for NASA. They were selected 7 months later and subsequently built spacecrafts for the Mercury and Gemini programs. Also included is the christening of the F4 Phantom II.

Joy Grdnic

Joy has been known to St Louis from the age of 17 when she became the youngest female on-air radio personality in the country as KSHE's "Joy in the Morning." Now, more surprised than anyone that she is no longer 17, Joy brings her take to the little things in life we all experience here in St. Louis to with her video segment dubbed "What's Joy Thinking?" Joy maintains she may not be right, but she knows what she's talking about. Joy also can be found at The Fountain on Locust, the restaurant she created for St. Louis in Midtown.

Katie Evitts

The Katie of Let Katie Do It is a random do-er of things or a do-er of random things depending on the level of randomness and things to do.  In the past she rode in the back of an Army supply truck dressed as a duck, coordinated seven theatrical premieres in seven different cities all going on in one night and her photographs were on display in the Art and Architecture show held at the City Museum. .  Katie graduated from Belleville West and Southwestern Illinois College with an Associate of Arts which has served her well in identifying stuff as "art".  As the Member at Large for the Benton Park Neighborhood Association if you see her outside of the neighborhood please return her at once to the boundaries of Benton Park.

Thursday, 14 February 2013 11:03

I may be alone on Valentine's Day, but I am not lonely. Instead of focusing on not having someone to spend this arbitrary day with, I am thinking of how I turned away interested parties and how uninterested parties turned me away. So here's my valentine to the people who want to break up.  Just don't do it today. That's unneccarily cruel.

Madison Thorn

"Born a photographer, raised as a musician." When I was growing up, my favorite part of the holidays were the jam sessions. Our musician friends would get together for an evening and would just sit around and play music well into the night; they became  part of my family. This is where I developed my love for live music. Combine that with my Mother and Grandmother both being talented photographers, and a music photography career just makes a whole lot of sense. My "music family" has grown enormously over the years and it speaks for why I'm incredibly passionate about our city. You really don't need to look any farther than your own backyard for quality music and people. All in all, I can't imagine doing anything else, anywhere else. Capturing musicians is my "soulshine"- it's just simple bliss.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 16:57

It started with a simple phone call from my good friend and cameraman extraordinaire, Jack.

            “Hey Mad,” he said, “I have a PA (Production Assistant) gig for you.”

            “Oh very cool, when and where?”

            “In a few weeks . . .but here’s the problem, I can’t pay you.”

            “Jeez man, come on. Why in the world would you do this to me?”

            “We’re interviewing Sam Bush.”

            “. . . .I’m there.”

A lot of you are now thinking, “Who the heck is Sam Bush?” Do yourself a favor and use your favorite search engine and look up this man. His mandolin playing changed bluegrass for generations, his band started a new genre, he has won three Grammy’s, and he has been dubbed “The King of Telluride”. Sam is one of my all time favorite musicians to say the least.

Meg Buckley

Meg, a life long St. Louisan, spent the first six years of her life in South City, and experienced a childhood filled with fish fries, parish picnics, and CYC sports. She was relocated to a house next to the West County Mall, primarily because it had more bathrooms to accommodate a growing number of sisters. In a family of five women, multiple bathrooms are a necessity. She is a proud graduate of Cor Jesu Academy and is currently a freshman studying English at Saint Louis University. An asthmatic runner and hiker, she spends many hours wheezing along St. Louis’ many trails, trying not to think about a career. 

Thursday, 28 February 2013 20:38

As my freshman year at Saint Louis University is rapidly approaching its conclusion, I stumbled across the list of advice my sister sent me before going to college.

Mike Roth

My first video project was for an assignment in Latin class my Junior year of high school. It sparked an interest in me to visually express myself, which I carried over into my collegiate career. At the University of Tulsa, I founded a film club to bring together talented individuals from a variety of trained and non-trained backgrounds to write, direct, and act in student-led videos. Post college, I have continued producing shorts and documentaries, with several showing in the Saint Louis Filmmakers Showcase as well as the Saint Louis International Film Festival. In December of 2011, I decided to work intimately with the hip-hop music scene in Saint Louis to create music videos that would highlight each artist in ways that would challenge conventional thinking on what a hip-hop music video could and should be. I continue to collaborate with Saint Louis artists in the hip-hop scene to promote and show the creativity of the city, and my blog serves as a source of local hip-hop news for others to discover new music, new videos, and new perspectives.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013 11:19

The creative community, at large, in Saint Louis is underrated and overlooked. Even within our own state, Missourians look to Kansas City as the art mecca with its ten thousand fountains, Google Fiber, and fine arts schooling. This blog regularly features the music of impressive native artists that are hungry to make a difference and influence the nation's perception of our city, from Tef Poe's ruthless lyricism to the experimental ways of the FarFetched collective. From time to time, I even feature my own video work in collaboration with hip-hop artists. This week's blog will turn the spotlight to other Saint Louis videographers who are creating impressive resumes of quality music videos. These individuals are well-acquainted with the camera and editing room, knowing how to visually present a story, a mood, or a message from within the digital projection of their minds.

Rik Anthony

Rik’s love for radio began when he as 12, growing up near Chicago. He followed his dream first by becoming a DJ for American Forces Radio in 1978 with the United States Air Force.  Rik's radio career has spanned several markets including Cincinnati, Denver, Sacramento and even Guam before settling here in St. Louis in 1995.  When he’s not playing the role of Senior Producer here at OnSTL, you can hear him many evenings and every weekend at 92.3 WIL-FM.  Besides radio, Rik’s other passions include flying a plane, listening to music, going to the movies and being with his wife of 34 years. He has two grown children Shauna and Brad.   

Saturday, 24 August 2013 19:31

THE BUTLER – A fine job of acting by Forest Whitaker, Oprah and Cuba Gooding Jr. It does a nice job of portraying the Civil Rights struggle of the 20th century and remind us of what our ancestors did wrong. I did feel it did get a bit preachy at times, but it did have a mix of light-hearted moments as well. Look for some mentions about this film come Oscar time. Score it a B+




Mark Whitehead

Born and raised in Granite City, Illinois to a steel worker and a stay at home mother, Mark still lives in his home town. He graduated Granite City High School -South in 1979 and shortly after married his high school sweetheart Mary Earney. Mark and Mary have two grown children and three grandchildren. They are still married and still very much in love. Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2008, Mark retired from his long career as a structural draftsman and started Single Rose Studio, LLC. Still in the development stage, Single Rose will provide support facilities for artists of all ages and styles. Mark spends most of his time in business development, or writing and recording demos of his new songs he hopes will be played by St. Louis musicians. 

Tara Daniels

Tara L. Daniels was born and raised in St. Louis. As a child, she would constantly tell stories, draw, and write. Though her interests have always aligned with the arts, at first, she did not consider them a career track. During her first time in college, she graduated with a degree in Information Technology with a minor in Art from the University of Missouri-Columbia. During that time and afterward, she worked in film and television pre-production, helping others chase their creative dreams. After graduating, she worked in the corporate world for several years. However, after teaching a class about employable skills, she realized her passion was teaching. Now, she is pursuing her second degree in Art Education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and rediscovering her loves for painting, sewing, and, of course, writing.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014 05:30

the last vinyl

The time has come. Laren LovelessThe Last Vinyl, prelude to his musical, Sleepwalker, will be debuting tomorrow. Yes, folks, TOMORROW!

Chelsey Brooks

You know that person who says things she probably shouldn’t even be thinking, will start a conversation with anyone, and will do just about anything for a laugh? Well, imagine that person with an East Coast accent and about 3 Five Hour Energy Drinks in her system. Nice to meet you, I’m Chelsey Leader Brooks.

I spent the greater part of my 25 years on earth on the East Coast, specifically New York, Connecticut and Boston. After bopping around the country a little after I graduated from Boston University, I landed in St. Louis. So that answers your first question: no, you will not know what high school I went to, and which high school you went to means nothing to me.

I’m starting life in “the ‘Lou” and I’m going to explore what makes this city so many people’s life partner. I want to see all there is to see, do all there is to do, taste all there is to eat, and most importantly, share my journey with you. I’m hoping my clean slate, go-get-em, I hate being bored attitude will help open the eyes of even the most veteran St. Louisians to new things to do and experience in their hometown. Think of me as a female, curly haired Christopher Columbus with New York attitude. I’m about to explore St. Louis, learn from the natives, fall in love with this “Midwest new world”, and hopefully claim it as my home.

Robbie Cassell

Robbie Cassell, aka The STiCKMAN, has owned several restaurants and eating ventures of various sorts throughout the St. Louis area.  He loves to eat, but he also loves to share his good eating “discoveries” with his friends.  And that’s what he’ll do here: open our eyes to some good eatin’ places.

Monday, 24 February 2014 13:24


There’s nothing worse than getting up too early on a Sunday Morning, finding nothing on TV to watch, and then putting in a terrible movie. Yes, The Family, starring one of my all time faves, Mr. Robert Dinero, stunk. That’s being kind. I must admit, I watched it all the way through, waiting for the good part, but I’m still waiting. When the movie was finally over, I needed a pick me up, so I went online to find the best fried chicken restaurant in St. Louis. Although I was tempted to take a ride to Highland, Illinois and check out the Diamond Mineral Springs for some “family style” chicken (my mother’s favorite place), I figured just going near Soulard was far enough. Besides, we got to see a lot of the cute little dogs in costume going to the dog parade. Yahoo! We went to the ever-popular Hodak's.

April Floyd

April Floyd is an undiscovered author from St. Louis, MO. April takes pride in her work, dedicating each novel to those who want books they can’t put down. April's writing style impresses its readers with concise story lines, choosing not to drag the reader through countless words by adding too much description, losing the reader.  April's stories are filled with excitement, drama, love, murder, spirituality, family values, comedy, suspense, and erotica. As you turn the pages you will find yourself in your favorite chair with a warm blanket enjoying her unfolding stories. April's main objective is to tell stories that are dear to her heart, causing her to be more passionate about each character as they develop.

April's inspiration comes from being a mother of three, all suffering with physical and mental disabilities, leading her to write about the subject in her first and fourth coming book entitled "Unique." April's inspiration also came from her husband Eddie Floyd Jr., whom is the son of the legendary Blues writer and singer out of Stax.  She and her family live in St. Louis, MO.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 16:55

St. Louis First Inaugural Indie Book Fair, located at 3407 S. Jefferson Ave. St. Louis, MO 63118 will be held Saturday May 9, 2015 between 1pm - 7pm.

Mark Pannebecker welcomes all to the 1st Inaugural St. Louis Indie Book Fair. To launch this inaugural event, Mark chose the intimate settings of Nebula. Located in the heart of the Cherokee Street creative district, Nebula opened in 2010 as the first co-working space in St. Louis. He invites you to visit many authors with many published titles. After you visit this spectacular book fair then stroll the bustling street of Cherokee and sample the food, drinks, and the unique merchandise available in the many small, locally owned businesses.