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Why Can't You Yelp People Who Yelp on Yelp?

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Last night I ate at Giovanni's on the Hill. I have one question for them. Where's the meatball?

How do you call yourself an Italian restaurant and not have meatballs?  Or muskacholi for that matter. Put simply: Macaroni's they are not!  First big hint: they don't supply crayolas to draw on the table cloths.  And don't bring your own like I did; they don't allow it.   1 star.

Josh H.
South County

Because it was our wedding anniversary, they brought me and my husband a free dessert.  Nice try guys, but there were two of us and you only brought one.  Not to mention, you made us a little uncomfortable by almost making us feel obligated to tip the waiter.  Maybe you need to think a little more about the customer next time.  1 star.

Linda B.
Florissant, MO

I've been reviewing local restaurants on Yap! for over three months now, which, as you know, makes me an expert. So I'm not so impressed that four Presidents have eaten here: Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Oprah Winfrey.  Of these four, one is dead. I think that pretty much says it all.

And if you don't want us to bring our own drinks, maybe put up a sign or something?  Sorry, I'll have to disagree with President Clinton on this one and give it 1 star.

Donikka W.


Went here for first time last Sat night.  Just another place that doesn't serve French fries.  Sorry but that is just wrong.  1 star.

Bufadine Jenkins
Kirkwood, MO


Friends told me about this place. I have always liked talking about food ever since I was 3 years old.  See I grew up in a large city so we ate out a lot.   My mom always said that when I grew up I would be a restaurant critic -and now thanks to YAP I really am!!!  So what do I have to say about The Fountain on Locust ---well, where do I start?  My favorite food is ice cream.  I remember once my family visited a real dairy in the country.  I was about 4 years old.  No -maybe 5.  Actually now that I think about it I was probably 5 and 1/2.  But it was so cool. It's funny but sometimes I still dream I'm walking through that dairy!!   I can even smell the cows in my sleep LOL!!   My husband says he heard me "moo" once ;-)  I think I was trying to say, "move."  LOL  But I like to eat ice cream any way it is served.  Sometimes in a cup -or sometimes I might like it in a cone.  It really depends on the mood I am in at the moment.  At THIS moment I am in a fairly good mood - I can tell because my mood ring says so!!!  Sometimes I check my mood ring while I eat to see what I really think of the food I am eating.  That way I know I can give a really accurate critique of the restaurant.  Now about flavors - my favorite is -you guessed it -plain ole' vanilla.  I WILL eat another flavor if I'm really talked into it though.  My mom was just the opposite -she used to always try a new flavor every time she had chance.  My husband's mom likes Chocolate.  She is a chocolate freak!!  Sorry Momsie!!  I know she's reading this -  I always get "reviews" of my reviews!!  I have a lot more to say about the people I know and what their favorite flavors are.  But really -I'm saving it for the book I'm doing on my favorite foods.  Okay the cat's outta the bag!!  Let's just let that be OUR little secret LOL!!!   I also  like french fries.  Sometimes I'm not sure if I like french fries more than ice cream.  But for now, I'm just sticking with ice cream because my mood ring is strongest on that. But who knows?  Maybe I'll do a second book on french fries!!   So that's gonna do it for The Fountain on Locust -- 1 star.

Anita Ralph
Clayton, MO

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